About Pattytaem92


*Shapley|f(x)’s fan

*a very ambitious dancer
*loved to play piano
*a great singer #ignorethisone
*eating machine
*a famous author #lol
*Comic addict
*Anime addict


#TVXQ= gods of the east.

U-Know: a charismatic dancing machine n strong leader.
Hero : a careful beauty Mom, and smoothy cotton voice.
Micky : a talented crybaby, and unique sexy voice.
Xiah : angelic voice, amazing dancer and cute visual maknae
Max (*) : Devil maknae,eating machine, and high notes master.




66191_894011190613202_4784353893832418325_n#SHINee= shining boys.

Onew : Deep yet comforting voice, a great ‘chicken maniac’ leader.
Jonghyun : Husky sexy voice,high tones master,Dino bling.
Key : Almighty Mom, amazing singer dancer and rapper.
Minho : Charismatic handsome n althletic rapper.
Taemin (*) : Dancing machine, and smooth soothing voice.





10702082_924110077603313_2719230206564493483_n#The Grace= graceful girls

Lina : Powerful outstanding vocal, beauty visual.
Dana : High notes queen, pretty angel.
Sunday : Dorky kid, smoot cotton voice and maknae visual.
Stephanie (*) : Dancing queen, sexy deep voice.





10628227_925211174159870_1243318767015432949_n#f(x)= function girls

Victoria : Cute leader, amazing elastic dancer.
Amber : cool boyish rapper, great hip-hop dancer.
Luna : Soothing powerful voice, talented dancer.
Sulli : million dollar smiles, sweet cotton candy voice.
Krystal (*) : unique strong voice, sexy charismatic maknae.




(*) = Bias

f(SHINee) and CSSK shipper alias CSJH x DBSK shipper 🙂

Nice to meet u in this blog guys and girls !!
Special Thanks to : @Nanonadiaa

go to aff if u want to read my eng fics(i’m zwillian there)

Ah if you ask why i only write for shinee x f(x) otp, thats bcos i want to. Thats it. But who knows next time i’d write for dong bang shin ki too. But maybe that would be in english.

want to know more about me? follow my twitter @patty19992 or add me on facebook Patricia Tirza Lapoliwa


12 thoughts on “About Pattytaem92

  1. Baru aku bca tentang unnie,,,
    ternyata kita bnyak sama ya?? *kita??
    unnie cantik deh, keliatan di fotonya… hehehehe
    salam kenal unnie…

  2. Unnie aq bleh minta nmr unnie gk? aq mau nanya banyak tentang unnie,,mianhe kalo unnie gk knal aq,, aq minta nmr unni buat bisa nanya-nanya ke unnie..bleh gk?
    *kalo mau jawab di twitter ajh
    twitter ku : febby_widya

    gomawo ^^

  3. annyeong haseyo!
    Jeoneun Reza imnida, naneun yeoja, 13 y.o.
    Wah, kt punya bnyak kesamaan dari hobi, bias, couple favorite. 😀
    Aku suka semua ff yg eonni buat 🙂 ih, eonni cantik bnget 🙂
    Eonni, ff “Catch You” sm “Ganster sister’s” cepet di lanjutin ne? Aku udah penasaran bnget.
    Bangapseumnida eonni #bow

  4. TaeLli

    unnie yang bikin Catch You ? unnie kapan lanjutin yang EP 2 nya yang Part 8? kalau sudah minta Linknya ne 😀

  5. Lollipop

    Unnie lanjutin FF I Am Gay dong Part 3 End ya ? bagus FFnya apa lagi castnya aku suka >.<

  6. Lollipop

    unnie yang bikin FF Crab Kiss ya? boleh minta tolong lanjutin gak habisnya FF bagus hehehe mian banyak minta yang lanjutin >.<

  7. kim nana

    unnie lanjutin ff I AM GAY part 3 dong !!! please 🙂

  8. uray allysia

    Eon,lanjutin ff lie&lie nya dong penasaran udh lama gak d lanjutin tuh ff

  9. Eonnie Kristen yah 🙂 ?
    FF mu bagus semua eonn ^^

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